The Show so far…

This podcast has been an amazing adventure for us. We are having so much fun and hearing from so many people who are really digging what we do has been rewarding beyond measure.

John and I started talking about this maybe a year ago over coffee. After a few/ many months, we tested a few ideas and pieces of equipment and then recorded the first 5 episodes before we launched. We have met and talked to some amazing people and I think we’ve both learned a lot. We’ve toyed with the idea of doing an episode per week, but given private practice schedules, family, life, the universe and everything… one every two weeks has posed a challenge, though it is our goal.

Our philosophy has evolved somewhat. We began hoping to provide a place for interns and trainees to get more information. Therapy is a weird thing. It’s probably the only professional field I can think of where you really never get to see it done – not on any substantial level – before they toss you in a room with a client. In a lot of ways we are all learning on the fly and sitting down to talk to people we trust and respect was something we were both doing before we ever turned on a recorder. Our interview with Jon Kramer (Ep. 3) was like that for me. I’ve known Jon for a few years but never had the chance to sit and just talk about what he does for an uninterrupted hour. What started as a primer has quickly become a master class. The level of detail we have been getting from our guests has blown both of us away. It turns out that when you give the therapist a chance to talk, they don’t want to shut up. Perfect for us.

We do all our interviews live. That means it’s the two of us in a room with our guests. While that does make scheduling a little difficult and limits us (for the moment) on who we can bring in as guests, we’ve also made the decision not to Skype interviews the way other podcasts do. There is something special and magical about sitting in a room with someone, seeing their face, seeing their reactions, watching the meta-language. It’s what we do as therapists so it’s what we do as podcasters. We are hoping this will not limit us too much, that in providing a place for the therapist the world will beat a path to our couch. Or at least we’ll drive to them. You know, universe permitting.

RJ Thomas


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