Talking Therapy Ep 28 Dr. Jeffrey Zeig on the Evolution of Psychotherapy and Milton H. Erickson

As founder and CEO of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation Dr. Jeffrey Zeig has gathered together some of the greatest minds and most dominant personalities in the history of psychotherapy. The foundation’s Evolution of Psychotherapy conference is perhaps the largest gathering of its kind anywhere in the world. Bringing together dynamic speakers and curious professionals it is, as Dr. Zeig calls it, “the Woodstock of therapy”. Dr. Zeig joins us to talk about the conference and his history with his mentor and teacher, Milton H. Erickson. He also talks about focusing his efforts to learn new ways of being a therapist by studying the arts. This is a truly fascinating discussion that not only spans the history of therapy but also looks into the future.

Talking Therapy Promo Card Jeffrey Zeig

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