Talking Therapy Ep. 25 Divorce Mediation with Barry Davis

How do you keep a family together even as it’s coming apart? How do you help protect children from the trauma of a nasty divorce? Divorce mediator Barry Davis sits down with us to talk about an alternative to expensive, divisive and often traumatic litigated divorces. His approach is one that allows families to often make the best of what can be a very, very bad situation.

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Talking Therapy Ep. 24 The Human Emotional System with Adrian Hall, MFT

Human emotions are a tricky thing. Some of us are good with them, some of us are not, but few of us really understand them fully. Adrian Hall, MFT joins us to talk about what she calls, the Human Emotional System. As we grow up, she tells us, we learn about math, science, history and our biological systems, but no one teaches us about our emotions and this can cause problems for us later. Adrian discusses her practice of psychotherapy and how she works with people to do that learning now.

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Talking Therapy Ep. 21 Saving Psychotherapy with Dr. Benjamin Caldwell

We know therapy works, but as it turns out fewer people are using it. What are the reasons for this and can an individual therapist make a living in this otherwise rewarding field? Is it possible to turn things around? Dr. Benjamin Caldwell sits down with us to talk about his book “Saving Psychotherapy.” He has a plan and some straightforward advice about how you can take action now to help save psychotherapy.

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Talking Therapy Ep. 18 Self Injury and Family Systems with Angela Kahn, MFT

Cutting can be one of the most challenging things any therapist deals with. Angela Kahn, MFT sits down with us to talk about her unique team-based approach to family therapy when treating self-injury. She discusses the two primary kinds of self injury, how to distinguish between them and how she and her team approach assessment, conceptualization and treatment.

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Talking Therapy Ep. 17 Talking Halloween

In this episode John and RJ sit down to talk about Halloween, what scares us and why we love it so much.

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Articles we site in the show include:

“The Monster Mind” by Jonathan Myers

“The Lure of Horror” by Christian Jarret

“She Knows Why You Scream” by Gary Drevitch

“Joseph Campbell on the Roots of Halloween” which can be found by clicking here.

Also: Our first ever correction/ retraction:

So if you’ve listened to our Halloween episode you will hear me quote Joe Bob Briggs (noted drive-in movie critic) saying, “those who enjoy sex must die” in a discussion on the relationship between sex, horror and death (in movies and existential therapy). It turns out that quote is not, specifically, what Joe Bob said but is more of a paraphrasing of his “How to Make a Horror Film – the Essential Rules”. It wasn’t so much poor research on my part as something that just popped into my head as we were recording. Actually, to be honest, it’s not even really that close of a paraphrasing and may come, instead, from my days working for Roger Corman (noted drive-in movie producer). Who knows? All that I can say at this point is that I have a lot of questionable cinema on my CV.

Oh, and I will not link to Mr. Briggs list as it contains a good bit of language that could easily be classified as “offensive.” It is relatively easy to find via Google if you are so inclined, however, as all good horror should start: consider yourself warned.

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